6 Tips and tricks to shoot awesome videos on your action camera

by Hau Nguyen on February 17, 2018

Action camera has become the most favorite photography tool especially if you want to capture any moments especially while doing any sort of live activities. So let’s proceed with the list of factors which if followed can bring you with awesome videos.

1. Improve Your Confidence:

Always keep one thing in mind that the camera is not always the key factors for taking best videos. Rather, the footage you take is the main thing, which will ultimately speak for your work. So be confident, because confidence will boost you in taking good videos with your action camera.


2. Work On Your Creativity:

Do not go for imitating any footage from others. It may happen most of the time that the footage you are imitating is not the real one. So go and create your own style. You with your own action camera can take awesome as well as amazing video footage which can create a huge response among the photographers. So go for your own style and create uniqueness.

3. Fix Camera Shaking Issue:

Next important factor which sometimes create a huge a problems and that is the shaking issues. We in our mind have a very wrong conception regarding our action cameras that we can start taking footage by just placing it anywhere especially on any flat surfaces for shooting videos due to its super durable small structure.

But that is our real mistakes of understanding our camera. Always remember one thing that action cameras are made in such a small size especially for our easy handling and accessibility of any such situations. So we have to compromise some features which big camera has in it. One such feature is the resistance capacities for avoiding different types of shakes and vibrations.

But this is also true that big size camera sometimes fails to help us in capturing lots of activities which our small action camera can definitely assist us in doing that.

Well in continuation of the above shaking problems, you can easily solve it by investing in a good mount or in a low technology like doing DIY or even go for using durable straps for firming your camera from shaking and vibrating. So as soon as you solve this shaky problem from your path, your action camera will certainly give you awesome photography footage. So try out this trick for making most out of your camera.

4. Take A Shot From Multiple Angles:

Okay, in the fourth positions I am going to highlight the different angles you should try for getting perfect video footage which can bring lots of satisfactions for your work.

If you are having the latest models of action cameras then you will get three options for adjusting your field of visualization. Basically, in action camera, the lenses used are of wide angles. So if you get some extra adjusting quality then it wills definitely going to change the looks of the video footages.

It is always advisable to approach different shooting angles for trying out the best footages.

Best always comes with trying out the different angles, the lighting factors, and also the configurations of the framework. These are the team work which needs to be adjusted for bringing out the best footage from the situations.

Always go for doing a planning, about how you want your video to be shot and then adjusting all the above points go for clicking the start buttons.

5. Try To Use Some Filters:


Next coming is applying a filter to your camera. Go for applying filters to your cameras for giving your videos some extra professional touch. There are different types of filters available in the market depends on your criteria and camera. Different types of filters are there for works out in different purposes. Like for an example, red filters are used basically for shooting underwater videos, the neutral filter will help you to reduce over exposes of lighting especially when you are shooting in broad daylight. There are many like these; go on trying them for increasing the quality of your clicked videos.

Try out your different context sections updated with different angles and shots for improving the quality of the videos as much as you can. Remember sky is the limit. So go trying and trying.

6. Editing The Video:

Last but not the least, the editing and context chapter, that is a vital video enhancing the property. Always keeps on trying your editing portions interesting as well as exciting; because lots of faults can get improved by this.


Hopefully, you got some help by reading out my tips for making your video footage more improved than before. These are the basic factors if considered properly can make a huge change in your photograph result.